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Electric Kettle

The new Jacob Jensen Electric Kettle
With the application of the highest standards of safety and our desire to give people a new opportunity the all new Jacob Jensen Electric Kettle is setting the new standard for your hot water needs. Crafted using genuine materials and designed to have a quiet elegance, where the interface comes to life as your hand approaches and steps back again when no longer needed.

The solid, yet soft feel of the cast aluminiumhandle provides optimal control when lifting the kettle, and ensures a comfortable pour, every time.
In store availability to be announced


H23 x W26 cm, Base Ø 15,5 cm


1,75 kilograms


1,2 liters

Body Material

Cold rolled stainless steel AISI 30 & aluminium


220-240 V / 50-60 Hz / 1850-2200 W


Black, Silver and Green