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Ever since our beginning, we have been partnering with leading brands and manufacturers to create and distribute our wide range of products. Our design philosophy is driven by having an open mind. That is why we continue to co-develop our existing partnerships and cultivate new ones — both on a category, product and retail-level.

Changing the
future together

Three types of partnerships

Category Partner
Together with our Category Partners we are introducing entirely new product categories and collections to global markets.

Product Partner
Our Product Partnerships revolve around co-developing or co-branding one or more signature products within an existing category.

Retail Partner
Our designs are sold in many stores across the globe and our Retail Partners help us distribute and market select product or categories.


The promise of endurance
We design objects that you will want to keep. All of our products are designed and produced with endurance in mind, thus aiming to minimise environmental impact. This does not only mean crafting distinct shapes, but also working with durable materials of the very highest quality. Together with our partners, we take rigorous regulatory measures to ensure that every part of our designs are complying with international ethical and social standards.

Towards greener futures
We are conscious about our responsibility and are currently working to integrate an active climate strategy into our existing and future product lines. This means strengthening our ability to work with recyclable materials and optimising our value chain, especially when it comes to distribution. This is also why we are proud of our partnership with XX that enables us to offset some of our impact and plan the next steps towards greener futures.

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