Smoke Alarm Optical Wireless Connected

The new Jacob Jensen Smoke Alarms spring from our quest to improve the ordinary, just like our founder did.

With the application of the highest standards of safety and our desire to give people a new opportunity for the home, our new smoke alarms not only offer robust protection for you and your family, but also improve and beautify the spaces where life is lived. The design language is soft, yet characterful, underlined by the GabrielĀ® fabric, made from 99% recycled polyester.

Our colours are taken from Scandinavian nature and the transitions in time and seasons. We experience that these colours, taken from the passage of time, can withstand the test of time, and they express the fresh, yet soothing feeling for which the Nordic countries are known and loved. The result is a warm, calm and yet characteristic expression that gives you the choice between harmonising or highlighting your interior style with confidence.

The smoke alarms come in two versions: Optical and Optical Wireless. The Optical version is the standalone solution that you just activate and mount. The Wireless version allows you to pair up to 12 smoke alarms, allowing a single smoke alarm to activate all the other smoke alarms, should the accident occur. This provides an extra level of security, and is perfect for larger or multi-level homes.

In store availability to be announced


132 x 132 x 52 mm


155 g




1 x 9V and 3 x AA

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